Deus ex rotten business plant drugs direct

Jensen should then report back to Mei.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Walkthrough

There's a small building in the area with some stuff inside, namely a Laser Targeting System. However, he's tight-lipped, so you'll have to visit his office, which is on the third floor. Place another white crate next to it and get on one of them. Alternatively, you can go downstairs from the main control room, then go downstairs again.

She wants the current owner, Diamond Chen, dead or gone. If you go into the open door, he'll step out and Mei will be able to ask for some help. Keep going and you'll find a heavy patrolling the next path, but a regular guard also has a patrol on the next branching hallway that brings him out onto this outside path.

Instead, enter the room to your left and use the ladder to get onto that catwalk. If you want to engage with enemy, remove the first two with take downs and rest will be easy. Head to the apartment of Double-T.

Rotten Business – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

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Look around to find the number 1 on the wall. Alternatively you can get close to the door and overhear his phone conversation, after he has finished you can wait for him to move away from the door and sneak up behind him and knock him out.

Hack the keypad and turn it off, then head upstairs to the helipad. It will not go over every possible hacking grid, the main reason being that I don't currently have the time to write on this large subject. If you use the windows instead, you'll wind up on a broken fire escape that leads back to the same area you'd be in if you decided to sneak around.

The sniper up there has a code you will need once you are in the balcony. You need to stay calm to get the info. If you do this, go back and talk to Bobby and pay him 5, credits to leave her alone for good.

Trophies, achievements, leaderboards and all the like are fun, but sacrificing parts of your primary lifeworld can lead to addiction and in the long term to regrets. When they're all out, search them for a Pocket Secretary. You can use this to get into an apartment next to the glass doors that actually lead into the building.

Use the breakable wall to drop down to the first floor. There will be some enemies patrolling. You can use this number to free Ning. In the bedroom there's a computer on a desk.

In case you don't have Mankind Divided yet.

It won't see you this far away.Rotten Business – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough. Deus Ex: Human Revolution / By Aaron R.

/ Action Games, she should direct you to a bouncer called Chuanli. He's up on the roof, standing in a corner with a gun. just look at the table in the room. You should have an option to plant the drugs on the table.

Regardless of your.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

Feb 25,  · EditThe Drugs. If you asked Mei Suen about alternatives to taking out Chan (the target), she will give you illegal drugs to plant in his apartment. After knocking out the target, leave him in the room and "use" the coffee table to place the drugs.

EditFinalize with Mei Suen. Speak with Mei Suen afterward to complete this side mission. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Walkthrough ===== Deus Ex: Human Revolution Stealth Walkthrough ===== This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.

Rotten Business The Fall Bar Tab Shanghai Justice Acquaintances Forgotten The Throwdown Deus Ex Human Revolution is not a first-person shooter. Tong's son from Deus Ex Conspiracy and Deus Ex Invisible War will be in the center holding cell.

If you plant the drugs and report back to Mei to finish the mission. You will see an animation where she grabs her cellphone and calls her friend from the police to arrest Diamond Chan (that's what I presume they're talking about, since it's all in Chinese and I don't understand Chinese, so.).

Oct 10,  · SIDE MISSIONS: Rotten Business - Ning Speak To Chuanli [] Convince Chuanli To Reveal Ning's Location [] Find Ning (Updated) [] .

Deus ex rotten business plant drugs direct
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